Last night, I was smoking a cigarette looking by the window and I though about an advertisement for my living room. It was a large picture of an old fashion green sofa with a light buld hanged
just few centimeters near a curvy modernist sculpture on the top of a wooden furniture.
And this eternal smiling girl, showing her brown coffee teeth, looking at the camera.
A bubble getting out of her mouth.

"We provide a collective, spacious and luminous office space. Free of charge".

I haven't made yet the decision to look closely enough, but it's quiet unsual to spend hours and hours inside a room with no goal, it only happens when you feel a bit depressed at home, right ? Are you working at home ? I do and I love to take picture of those working times inside
my private space, because it often compose strange and beautiful still life with a synthesizer
on the kitchen table, wires and oignons, tee-shirts, crayola, limonade, books and mics.
Actually, I'm looking at my guest who is checking her email laying on the sofa, we start talking together about her position as an artist and as a guest in my living room. She knows that in my living room, she don't have to be an efficient artist, nor productive, nor professional but, I guess, she is already thinking how to practice this situation, how to practice the living room, understand it and disturb it. Maybe it's already done.

As we are here for fews hours now, I will have to buy more juice downstairs. I pin my todo list on the wall, near the drawing of Enricco and I decide to add tulips in plastic pots on the list. I love to think about that as a composition far away from the idea that art has to manifests and release itself through pieces intended to a public. I prefer to considers our domestic life in this living room as an eternal state of performing.

I'm going to buy juices.

There is much more to imagine, but perhaps you get the picture,
don't ask me what is an efficient professional artist please, this is not the point.

Lou Masduraud & Antoine Bellini.
July 1st 2016 Moving.
Walk on the white carpet.
Flower pee.
The wire.
The half kilometer boat, Agnieszka, Lou.
House-warming 06/07/16
Pawel Sakowicz & Alex Baczynsky-Jenkins
Asiadé Cirlini 09/07/16.
Matisse algae.
Ramona Nagabczynska, 12/07/16.
Hello Sacha Beraud, 13/07/16.
"Un panneau sur son flanc s'ouvrit à la volée pour laisser surgir un bras articulé, dont la main d'acier palpa le gazon à tâtons, s'empara triomphalement d'un caillou, le laissa choir dans un petit receptacle et s'escamota." Demain les chiens, Clifford D. Simak
floppy poppy widy matter
14/07/16 4am watching / streaming live
17/07/16 Sacha Beraud & Romain Rampillon. Design internet café Barcelona 97
A very little party
Tomasz Kowalski
18/07/16 Lutto Lento ---> DUNNO Recordings
Filip Lech
18/07/16 Image: Romain Rampillon, mix: DUNNO recordings.
Image: Romain Rampillon, Lutto Lento, my number one high.
Krzysztof Bagiński multitasking.
Ask your question to the PDF I Ching.
19/07/16 Sacha Beraud. Filet mignon de porc à la sauge, pois mange tout, haricot jaune, tomate, cèpe, asperge, oignon nouveau et vinaigrette au citron.
Porn cake ?
20/07/16 Streaming live from Barbara bar in Wroclaw, "DINGE" by Ramona Nagabczyńska.
With Magda Jędra, Korina Kordova, Ramona Nagabczyńska, Paweł Sakowicz and Anita Wach.
Music: Lubomir Grzelak.
Lights: Ewa Garniec.
Filming/Streaming : Krzysztof Bagiński
Edyta Jarzab 23/07/16
Marion Aeschlimann.
24/07/16 Marion Aeschlimann & Loup Gangloff. " Sans feeling et sans batterie " , sitcom looping.
Romain Rampllion, cathodic witches.
25/07/16 Welcome Alice Van Biesbroeck.
and Jeremy Piningre.
Marion Aeschlimann & Loup Gangloff, Faux Queen.
27/07/16 Dzień dobry Camille Dumond, Costanza Candeloro & Marion Goix.
Alice Van Biesbroeck. Demain, je fais des natures mortes.
2707/16 Marianna Dobkowska and RE-DIRECTING: EAST team.
Jeremy Piningre, wfw comix.
Norbert Delman.
29/07/16 CM Gratitude, COSMETICA DEL PROFONDO.
CM Gratitude.
Camille Dumond, silicone window.
29/07/16 Enrico Boccioletti. La Crème.
Camille Dumond, Grand Salon.
August 1st 2016 Moving.
Reading Jeremy Piningre's WFW Comix.
" We were thinking that feeling and having an affect value would be part of the overall content "
Feeling and the document, Concord Collective's panel discussion, Los Angeles 2013.
Lost Properties, Kris Kraus.